Top Tools for a Healthy Garden and Healthy You

Gardening can have a number of different benefits for our health, from our physical health to our mental wellbeing too. There are many ways in which gardening can have a positive influence on our health; including getting some sun and moving about more. We all know that we need to move more, but getting the recommended amount of physical activity in each day can be a challenge; but what if you could get in your exercise and do something you love? Gardening actually counts as physical activity and if you think about it that’s not surprising as you do tend to work up a sweat pulling out weeds and prepping those flower beds.

The benefits don’t stop their; gardening is great for mental health. Whether it’s just the process of spending some time in the sun connecting with nature, the therapeutic feelings of tending to your favourite flowers or watching your garden come to life; it can really help to brighten your mood.

In order to get you out of the house and into the garden we’ve put together a list of the best garden tools for a healthy garden and healthy you.

Lawn Mower

A good lawnmower can really make the difference in maintaining a healthy-looking lawn and garden. Keeping your lawn in good condition is essential in maintaining your garden, letting it get unruly can just make it more difficult later on to tame it. Lawnmowers can take up a lot of space, so if you don’t require one often; hiring a lawnmower could be the easiest and most cost-effective option for you.

Hedge Trimmer

Keeping your hedges neat and tidy can sometimes be quite a chore and rather time consuming but having the use of a hedge trimmer can make the job a lot easier. Using a hedge trimmer to keep your hedges looking smooth and ordered will make maintaining a healthy-looking garden a lot easier.


Having a wheelbarrow can make gardening a whole lot easier, especially for those big tasks. Usually the biggest gardening jobs come about as the seasons change; this is probably when you will be shifting large amounts of material such as soil and debris. For these larger jobs, a wheelbarrow can save you a lot of time and energy transporting things around your garden.

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