Tips to Keep Your Home Cool even when the Temperatures Soar

Before we know it, the days are going to get warmer and the temperatures are going to soar. During the summer, you want your home to be a cool, comfortable retreat where you can go to get out of the sun and put your feet up after a long day at work. However, when it’s extremely hot, it can be hard to keep your home cool.

But, don’t worry; there are lots of things you can do to prepare your home for the summer and keep the temperatures down so you can enjoy the season and stay comfortable.

1. Keep Windows and Doors Shut

If windows and doors are constantly being opened and closed, the cool air inside your home will escape, making it extremely hard, or even impossible, to keep your home cool and comfortable. Whenever you’re fans are running, keep windows and doors shut.

It’s also a good idea to check all your window and door seals to make sure they are in good condition. Broken or cracked seals will also let cool air out, making it hard to maintain a comfortable temperature inside.

In fact, these tips can also help you save money. If cool air is constantly escaping your home, and you are using an air conditioning system, it will have to work harder to maintain a cool temperature, meaning it uses more energy and becomes more expensive to run.

2. Avoid Direct Sunlight through Windows

This may seem like a small tip, but it’s one that can make a big difference in the temperature inside your home. Whenever possible, use blinds or curtains to prevent direct sunlight from entering through your windows. This doesn’t mean you have to cover your windows all day every day. Use a window covering that is easy to open and close so you can easily adjust it as the sunlight changes.

When sunlight enters your home directly through windows, it causes the temperatures to spike. As this happens, you will run your fans, or air con, more to keep your home cool, and even if it is able to maintain a constant temperature, your utility bills will go up.

3. Don’t Run Heat-Generating Appliances

You’ve probably noticed that when you bake during the hot summer months, your house instantly heats up due to your oven being on for hours. An easy way to keep your home cool is to avoid running heat-generating appliances. Major culprits are stoves and ovens, but even your washer and dryer can make your home feel hotter.

Try preparing meals that don’t require the oven or stove or use a toaster oven or microwave instead. Run your washer and dryer in the early morning or evening hours when your home is cooler.

4. Update Your Landscaping

You might not think the type of plants you have outside your home makes a difference in how comfortable your home is during the summer, but think again. This spring, update the landscaping around your home to add large trees, bushes and other large plants near windows to create shade and help block direct sunlight. As your plants mature and grow, they will do an even better job at helping you keep your home as cool as possible.

Keeping your home cool during the summer isn’t impossible. With these cooling tips you can make your home a cool, relaxing place where you can put your feet up and enjoy the season, without having to deal with the hot, uncomfortable temperatures.

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5. Don’t Forget the Ducts!

One of the biggest reasons for energy waste and high utility bills is leaking ducts. Have a professional inspect the ducts that deliver cool air throughout your home to make sure they are in good condition and are completely sealed. This will make it possible for all the cool air your AC creates to enter your home and will help you save money.

It’s also a great idea to make sure all your vents are open and to clean them to get rid of dust and dirt that is unhealthy and can prevent cool air from filling the rooms in your home.

This is also a good tip for your office, or small office that may be based at home. Keeping your air clean will aid your health and make working from home with the air con not such an unhealthy experience.

We offer air conditioning units for hire that are suitable for most working environments; we can also offer bespoke solutions to any building where temperature control is necessary.

6. Fan Hacks

The simple domestic fan can create a cooling sea breeze that will cool down any room, or small office environment. And you’ll struggle to find an air conditioner capable of performing anything as close.

This simple hack will cool you down whilst creating a room temperature environment any one will appreciate when entering from the hot outdoors. Simply fill a large bowl with ice, or an ice bag, and position it at an angle in front of a fan so the air pushes through the ice. That simple! And it works wonders.

There’s another simple fan related hack that many overlook too. If you’ve a ceiling fan, set it to operate counter-clockwise at a high speed. This will create a wind-chill effect that will make the room feel much cooler than the standard default operational settings.

Keeping your home cool during the summer isn’t impossible. With these tips you can make your home a cool, relaxing place where you can put your feet up and enjoy the season, without having to deal with the hot, uncomfortable temperatures.

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