Types of Cooling Systems for Your Business

Keeping the working environment in the best condition for employees is extremely important as employee satisfaction and subsequent productivity is essential to business. When the environment is not optimal, especially when it is too hot, employees can become agitated and productivity can slow down massively. For this reason, it is important in business that we make the effort to make the working environment pleasant and optimal for work. In the warmer months, this could involve hiring a cooling system. There are various types of cooling systems available, it may be a challenge to know which option is best for your business; but hopefully these tips will help you decide.

Air conditioning units are by far the most popular type of cooling equipment, and possibly the first to spring to mind. They are available in a few different types; Portable Exhaust Tube and Split Type air conditioning units. Both of these standard types of air conditioning units are popular choices for offices, they both require ventilation as they express the hot air through a tube at the rear. They are considered to be very practical and cost effective; the type you choose would depend on the level of flexibility you require. You would also have to calculate the cooling duty you require; this is worked out based on things such as office size, number of people in the office and the number of heat producing machines such as computers.

Evaporative Coolers are a type of air conditioning that does not require ventilation so is a popular choice for offices or warehouses without windows. They rely on the process of evaporation, which means they aren’t able to lower the temperature as much as other air conditioning units, but they are especially useful for environments in which windows are not an option.

Cooling Fans can be used in numerous business settings depending on your choice of fan. There are smaller office fans which offer cooling in a way that is portable and flexible, not requiring ventilation. Then there are larger industrial fans, in factory or warehouse settings cooling fans are especially useful to have around; they are portable so can be moved with ease and aren’t only used as a way to cool the air. They can also be used to move around dust and steam; which can be essential in factories.

Chiller Hire Services

Now we have covered some of the smaller scale cooling equipment and the businesses they suit, a key area of cooling involves Air Cooled Chillers. Air cooled chillers are extremely versatile and can suit a number of businesses. They not only work to cool the air but actually serve a variety of purposes such as cooling drinking water and maintaining cool temperatures of machinery. They can be hired as both a back up for permanent fixtures and as part of a temporary event. There are certain chillers which may be more suited to different situations that we’ll take you through now.

5kW Chiller

This smaller chiller is ideal for process cooling or as a smaller cooling duty air conditioner. It is ideal for smaller spaces as it has a small footprint so doesn’t take up much space. It is easy to install, making it great for those who are wanting to try out an air conditioning unit in a smaller office or industrial setting.

500kW BiCold Chiller

This is the second largest chiller in the All Seasons Hire range. It is a resilient chiller which can continue operating even if there is a fault on one circuit as it has dual refrigerant circuits. This chiller is ideal for air conditioning larger spaces such as factories or warehouses but could also be used to air condition temporary events. It also has the power to be used as a back up chiller for food manufacturing facilities and chemical facilities.

550kW Fluid Chiller

This fluid chiller can serve a number of purposes including air conditioning, process cooling and can even be used to create ice rinks. It can be used for both temporary events and permanent installations.

Whichever cooling equipment is most suited to your business needs, we are available to provide expert advice and answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information.

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