Get rid of Garden Waste Easily with Garden Chippers and Shredders

With Autumn approaching, now is a great time to get your garden tidied up ready for winter. Whether it’s the last clean up of the season or a quick tidy up, we have a wide range of gardening equipment available for you. When it comes to disposing of your garden waste, hiring one of our garden shredders or chippers can help you save both time and money!

When the weekend arrives I think it’s fair to say that offloading your garden waste at the tip is one of the last places you’d like to be. Driving down to the tip eats up your valuable time, and more often than not, there’s also a queue at the entrance waiting for you. To add insult to injury, your fallen garden branches may also be too large to fit inside your car, meaning you may even have to make multiple trips. You may be looking to dodge the tip by relying on your local council to pick up your bins, but be warned,  some local councils may annually charge you for this service.

Garden Waste Shredder

By hiring a garden chipper or shredder you won’t have to resort to these solutions. A chipper or shredder can effortlessly reduce your garden waste from an unsightly pile of cuttings into a smaller, more manageable pile that can be disposed of much more easily!


By hiring a chipper or shredder you may not even need to get rid of the waste at all. As it turns out, woody waste makes fantastic, long-lasting mulch that can be used on your paths and borders. Not only do mulches give your garden a neat look, they are also helpful in retaining moisture in soil, preventing weeds from growing, and protecting the roots of plants in winter!


How to Mulch

Step 1: Thickness

  • Mulch needs to be between 5cm (2in) and 7.5cm (3in) thick to be at it’s most effective. The thickness of your mulch is vital if you want to retain moisture and prevent weed growth. But remember, making your mulch layer too thick can lead to plant rot, diseases, pests and rodents.
Step 2: Perfect Placement

  • Extend your mulch beyond the outer edge of where your leaves are placed. If you are struggling to achieve a flat layer for your mulch, dig out that rake from the shed and use it to distribute your mulch evenly. Be sure to lay your mulch over moist soil, removing those pesky weeds and their roots in the process.

Step 3: Water

  • Water your mulch after applying it. This prevents dry mulch from absorbing the soil’s moisture.

Our Shredders and Chippers

Here, we give you the lowdown of our range of chippers and shredders that will make those tedious garden tasks that little bit easier:

Electric Garden Shredder 

For light garden waste our multi-purpose Electric Garden Shredder pulps most organic rubbish down to a mulch for composting. With a 45mm cutting capacity, it is perfect for shredding down garden litter, branches, or any other light material.

Portable Chipper 

Our Portable Chipper is a tough, compact machine for effective disposal of garden waste including branches, brushwood and prunings. It is ideal  for branches up to 50mm and comes with a removal bag for easy waste disposal.


Petrol Shredder 

Ideal for those larger garden jobs, our powerful Petrol Shredder disposes of all types of green waste through a single hopper, removing the need to separate wood and leaves. It is able to shred wood and waste material down effortlessly while coping with leaves and or any moist material that is thrown into it.


To explore our excellent range of gardening products follow this link!

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