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It can often be a hard decision to know which cooling system to hire for your business. All businesses and working environments are different and will therefore have different cooling needs.

Air conditioning units are a very popular choice for offices as they are practical and cost effective, however, they do require ventilation, meaning they may not be suitable for warehouses or factories which don’t have open windows.

Contrastingly, evaporative coolers are great for environments where ventilation isn’t possible, but they don’t have as strong cooling power as other air conditioning units, meaning they may not be suitable for hotter environments which require a more powerful cooling duty.

Chiller hire services are great for large scale cooling requirements on both permanent fixtures and temporary events but won’t be necessary for small office air conditioning. Cooling fans are a great flexible option for many offices, warehouses, workshops and factories as they are relatively portable and easy to use. However, for the larger scale requirements, they may not be suitable.

As all of the above options have strengths and weaknesses it is important you know what you require in order to choose the best cooling system for your business needs. In order to understand which cooling system is best for your needs it is important to know what cooling duty you require among other things which affect your cooling needs. Luckily, we have our cooling calculator to help you understand your needs and confirm which cooling system is best for you.

Cooling Calculator

The cooling calculator works by considering your workspace dimensions alongside the amount of people and heated appliances within it to come up with a total cooling capacity required. To use the calculator, you will first need to know your workspace measurements; length, width and height, the calculator will work out your total dimensions. You can then go on to input the amount of people you have in your workspace and the number of heat producing appliances. The calculator will then produce for you, your total cooling capacity required.

Once you know your total cooling capacity required you can then go on to shop for the best cooling system for you. In general, air conditioners are great for offices and are best for high intensity cooling of small to medium spaces, but they do require ventilation. For non-vented spaces, evaporative coolers are more practical and for high air circulation, cooling fans are the best choice.

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