What are The Best Portable Evaporative Coolers?

Making sure the temperature of any working environment is important; staff are more likely to work hard if they are comfortable in their environment. Therefore, in the hotter months it is important to do what you can to keep the workplace cool. Air conditioning units are usually one of the first options and are generally the most popular choice for commercial cooling needs. However, they aren’t necessarily practical for every workspace. Standard air conditioning units such as exhaust tube and split type units require ventilation usually in the form of windows. They are generally the preferred choice for offices but those without windows or factories and warehouse which don’t tend to have many, if any, windows they can prove to be impractical. For those businesses which struggle to find ventilation evaporative coolers can be the perfect solution. To help in your decision making, we’ve provided a list of the best portable evaporative coolers.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers work by using the process of evaporation to cool the air. They do not use a refrigeration component like their counterpart air conditioning units, and they don’t need ventilation making them a popular choice for buildings and offices without open windows. They work by pushing hot air across a cooling media, as this occurs the process of evaporation begins; the subsequent heat transfer then cools the air which is moved back into the environment which needs cooling. Evaporative coolers are very popular in dry climates as they raise the humidity levels; for this reason, some evaporative coolers can also be used as humidifiers in heating season. In the United States small-scale evaporative coolers are often called swamp coolers due to the humid air conditions they produce. They are popular in dry, hot places such as Denver, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.

There are different sizes of evaporative coolers to choose from; varying from small, medium and large. They are all more suited to different business needs and the different cooling duty required. Cooling duty is calculated based on the size of the room, the people in it and the amount of heat producing appliances in the room.

Small evaporative coolers are ideal for spaces up to 21 metres squared. Making them the perfect choice for small offices, shops and for domestic use. For workshops, warehouses and large areas you may be looking at needing a large evaporative cooler which can cool a space of up to 53 metres squared. The most popular choice tends to be medium evaporative coolers as they tend to suit a number of different workspaces. They are a common choice across a number of different business types.

Medium Evaporative Coolers

Medium evaporative coolers offer a portable and practical alternative to vented air conditioning. They are an ingenious solution to provide cooling in a commercial setting such as in offices, shops and smaller warehouses. The medium coolers are mobile making them easy to use and set up. They offer controllable, cooling airflow and direction to ensure the best cooling appropriate for your workplace. It works by rapidly cooling the air using water evaporation; the evaporation process means that unlike other air conditioning, which uses a refrigerant to cool the air, it doesn’t require ventilation meaning it is incredibly flexible. The ease of use, installation and flexibility offered by a medium evaporative cooler makes it great for first time use.

Whether you think you’re in need of an evaporative cooler or another type of cooling equipment, we are available to offer advice on what products are best for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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